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How to Deal
How To Deal

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Live Speaking Presentations For Teens and Parents

How to Deal is a motivational and life-skills presentation which teaches teens how to use The Tool Belt to deal with the stress, drama and challenges that present themselves while navigating middle school and high school.

In this presentation, the combination of his relative youth, use of adolescent-friendly language and a conversational and charismatic speaking style enables Dr. Jerry to connect with teens and gain their trust.

How to Deal provides concrete applicable tools and an explanation how to use these tools to increase your self esteem and confidence. The presentation is the length of a typical class period (45 minutes) and can be presented to large assemblies of students (up to 1,000), individual classes, open forums and teen discussion groups as well as teachers, parents, and administrators.

Dr. Jerry, The Teen Decoder
Dr. Jerry speaks to parents with an emphasis on how to parent your teenager successfully. In his presentation, Dr. Jerry addresses common and chronic parenting issues and provides tips and tools for knowing what your kids are doing, how to talk to them and ways to help your kids handle things like stress, depression, grades & homework, friends and social drama. Parents call him The Teen Decoder because he demystifies teen behavior; he explains the challenges teens face every day bridging modern-age adolescent lingo, concepts, and technology trends with doctoral-level clinical knowledge in an approach that resonates with parents.

Excerpt from How To Deal
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