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Meet Dr. Jerry
Dr. Jerry Weichman Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist and adolescent specialist as well as an author, speaker and parenting expert. His clinical practice at Hoag Hospital’s Neurosciences Institute in Newport Beach, California provides a window on contemporary teen and pre-teen behavior. He also founded The Weichman Clinic and its Teen Brain Program — the first and only truly comprehensive mental wellness program exclusively focused on children and adolescents.

“Dr. Jerry” as his adolescent patients call him, is a young Ph.D. who really relates to teens, speaks their lingo and has felt their pain. Author of the teen survival guide, How to Deal, and noted media expert on teen issues, Dr. Jerry is focused on helping teens cope with parents, teachers, friends and academic pressure, communicating with them in a way they understand and relate to — helping them successfully navigate the dramas and pressures of adolescence. He has helped over 3000 teens over 17 years in private practice.

Dr. Jerry’s popular speeches, lectures and seminars have been presented to assemblies of students, teachers, parents and administrators in middle schools and high schools across Southern California and in several states. Some of the topics Dr. Jerry speaks regularly about include violence, bullying/cyber bullies, substance abuse, sexting, depression, academic performance, parental expectations, teen sex, eating disorders, body-image issues, stress related disorders, behavior problems, and teenage social drama.

In his parenting seminars, Dr. Jerry reveals current trends in technology and social media and includes practical approaches and tips for communicating with today’s teen and for helping then overcome the trials and tribulations of dealing with the stress and anxiety resulting from academic as well as social pressures like bullying, drug use, drinking, teen sex, and other self-destructive behaviors.

A popular and well respected media resource, Dr. Jerry has been interviewed by the New York Times, Washington Post and LA Times and has been asked to appear on major networks, ABC and Fox. He also sits on the Advisory Board for the Crisis Text Line, a subsidiary of DoSomething.org and is a regular contributing expert at award winning parenting website KidsInTheHouse.com.

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